R.L.Black is an indie artist based in Montreal. Influenced by artist such as Thom York, Queens of the stone age, N. I. N. and many more alternative acts.

From the depth of years of experience as musicians of many influences rises RL Black.
Bandleader and front man RL experimented with sounds and images for years before hooking up with two brothers and long time friends, Frank and Fred Kelly. Together on this artistic quest to create
a unique combination of sounds and visuals, they
take their heterogeneous roots down the electronic path.

RL embarked on his musical journey in the early nineties as a death metal signer. In 2001 he
co-founded a reggae/rock collective named Colectivo and toured extensively throughout Canada, the U.S. and Mexico. Since then he’s been active in different musical acts as a producer/artist, but mainly in creating the foundations of RL Black’s unique style.

Frank Kelly evolved as a young musician in the Montréal blues scene. He then founded a funk metal band with is brother Fred. In early 2000 they where signed to a British label in a metal band called Paradise, and toured Canada and Europe